miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2017

Talking about activities

Talking about activities

Dialogue 1:
A:Hello, Peter. I´m your new teacher.
B:Hello, nice to meet you
A:Ok, Peter . Tell me about you, What´s your favourite subject?
B:It´s music. I love playing instruments
A:Good! Tell me about other subjects. Are you good at maths?
B: Yes, I like them very much!
A:And Spanish?
B: I hate it! It´s very boring.
A:Ok. are you good at languajes? Do you like English or French?
B:Yes, I like English, but I hate French.
A:Well, and to finish, do you like science?
B:Yes, I like geography and physics.

Dialogue 2:
A:Welcome to the interwiew. Let´s start. Why do you want to be recepcionist at this hotel?
B:Because I need some money, and I saw the advert. Then I called and I thought it was a great offer.
A:Tell me about you . Do you do any sport?
B:Yes, I play basketball, and sometimes I go to the swimming pool.
A:Do you like reading?
B:No, I hate it, It´s too boring.
A:Do you speak any languages?
B:Yes, I do. I speak English, French and German.
A:And, are you good at maths?
B:Yes, I´m very good.
A:Ok, you are perfect for this job!

domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017

A Photo Description

A photo description

Hi, Peter!
Look at the photo that is in the envelope, do you like it?
It isn´t very old, it´s from my holidays in Madrid of the last year.
In the photo I am on a very high mountain, it was very difficult to
reach the top , but it was worth it , because the views were amazing, you could see a lot of green forests, in the middle there was a very beautiful lake, Madrid looked very nice from the top, but also gave a bit scary looking under you.
So it was a wonderful and funny holidays .I hope you had a
good summer too.
Write soon

martes, 7 de marzo de 2017

The Bus Station

The Bus Station

Dialogue 1

A:Can I help you?
B:Yes, please. I´d like to go to Brighton. Which bus do I take?
A:Bus 323 goes to Brighton
B:How often does the bus run?
A:Once a day
B:I see, When´s the next bus?
A:In twenty minutes
B:How much does a ticket cost?
A:It´s  £12. Would you like a ticket?
B:Yes, please. Where´s the next bus stop?
A:It´s near here. Go straight ahead and turn left.

Dialogue 2

A:Can I help you?
B:Yes, please. I´d like to go to Reading.Which bus do I take?
A:Bus 221 goes to Reading
B:How often does the bus run?
A:Every hour
B:I see. When´s the next bus?Would you like a ticket?
A:In forty minutes
B:How long is the trip?
A:It´s two hours
B:When does the bus run?
A:At half past nine?
B:Ok.How much does a ticket cost?
A:It´s £13, Would you like a ticket?
B:Yes, please. Where´s the bus stop?
A:It´s straight ahead, turn right, go straight ahead and turn left.
B:Ok, thanks

My cousin´s holiday in Portugal

                My cousin´s holiday in Portugal

This is a photo from my cousin´s holiday in Portugal. He is in a lake, and it´s very beutiful. There are many mountains and two lakes, and the sea is not far. He is alone. He is wearing a T-shirt, some shorts and a backpack. he is 25 years old and a very good climber. He is taking photos of the landscapes. It isn´t cold in the lake and this is the reason why he is wearing summer clothes. He is having a great time. His travel lasted 5 days, but he returns to his home today, in the 3rd day, because he is tired from travelling.

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017

E-mail of myself and my friend

E-mail of myself and my friend 
My name is David. I,m 12 years old and I´m from Molvizar. I´ve got one sister. Some teenagers in Spain go to boarding school, but I´m not in a bording school. My school is in Salobreña. I get up at 6:55 in the morning and I have breakfast. Then I go to take the bus, and go to school. I study from 8:15 to 2:45 every day. After school, I do my homeworks and then I play with my phone. Sometimes I meet my friends.
I want to introduce you a friend, his name is Abraham, he is 12 years old and he´s from Molvizar. He has got two sisters and one brother. He´s not in a boarding school. His school is in Salobreña. He gets up at 7:10 in the morning and he has breakfast. Then he goes whith me to the bus, and we go to school. He studies from 8:15 to 2:45 every day. After school, he plays videogames and meet his friends, sometimes he does his homework.

I hope that you like our daily routines.
Your new friend,  David

Basic School Rules

Basic School Rules
Here I leave 7 rules in the form of infographics that, although they are basic, are essential for the good atmosphere in a classroom.